Hello everyone, I will be posting all about my experiences camping, sledding, my dogs and our adventures , any home reno’s or projects I do, and whatever else I end up posting about. Though out my posts I’ll review products I have bought and if I liked them Ill post a direct link to them on Amazon.

I will be posting about all the adventures i get up to plus all the project from the planing stages, as I do the project with step by step instructions if need be, and the end of the projects.

For my camping its normally just weekends around my home town and my vacations. But one thing I would love to do is to spend a summer camping across Canada. So far its just going around Alberta and maybe into Northern BC.

My sledding is mostly local or within an hour drive normally. I did go to the World Snowmobile Invasion in Whitecourt back in 2015, and that was a great experience, but not a common thing. Hopefully the winters will smarten up and give us proper snowfall next year.

If anyone wants to know anything else please let me know