Weddings and Family Reunions in One Weekend

So a few weeks ago we had a family reunion out at my parents acreage, plus a good friends wedding the same weekend at there family farm. I decided to pull my trailer to both places for so that after drinking I didn’t have to worry about driving or getting a ride home. Also with both events happening at the same time, both friends and family were busy so I didn’t have anywhere I trusted to leave my dogs so they came with me and had fun running around.

The reunion was good as my dogs are used to being out there so they had the run of the place for the most part and both were well behaved with all the new people around. A few of my cousins brought there dogs randomly and they got along with Benji and Boo. Benji was not sure at the beginning but after they started playing fetch together Benji was better as long as he had the ball. Unfortunately the other two dogs were still puppy’s and benji did keep up with them but did hurt himself a bit, I am guessing a pulled muscle, vet visit is booked but he seems to be doing good now. He wasn’t able to jump up without yelping and limping for 5 minutes but then he would be fine. Benji ended up in the trailer a few times to relax, but once the other dogs tired out I had him outside again. The morning after that he wasn’t much for playing and just hung around the trailer. Boo followed me around the entire time, anytime I moved out of her sight she got up to find me.

During the wedding I had them in the trailer most of the time as there were nearly 200 people at the farm and they weren’t familiar with the area, I checked on them every few hours to make sure they were ok. I could tell they wanted outside to run and play but i was cautions when i did and Benji was on a leash all the time, Boo on the other hand I let wander freely still. I ended up staying up until about 3am and both dogs were awake as soon as I went in my trailer, I took them out for a bathroom break and then we went to be. The morning sucked, both dogs were fine but I was mildly hungover and tired, it was a good thing I had coffee in the trailer but coffee percolators take FOREVER to make and hungover/tired made it worse. Plus the wind picked up a lot over night so I knew the drive was not going to be a fun/quick one. Once I got the coffee in me and had everything ready to go, I pulled out to the road to get home, the wind was brutal enough that I didn’t get over 80km/h on 100 to 110km/h highways.

Once home I took a nice long nap to recover from the night before. I learned a few things from this, first is trailers make for easy out of town weddings, and other functions, second is that dogs are pretty easy going if you need them to stay in a trailer for hours at a time they will and they will still love you and want attention every time they see you. Third and lastly is that pulling a trailer hungover sucks but at least your trailer has coffee and food when you need it. Next adventure out will be for August long weekend then the weekend after that another friends wedding that my trailer and dogs are coming along will me. Stay tuned for my updates on those adventures.


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