2017 Sled Projects

Since its now July and winter is only 4 months away I figured I would start on a few of the projects I wanted to do to my sled, also I was starting to get bored at home.

First and most important project is to fix the steering, last year the handle bars got a bad amount of play in it so I decided that it needs to be addressed. This entails pulling the engine to get to all the components, which after having my sled home for a day I now remember is a real pain in the ass. It doesn’t help that my holiday trailer is at my parents for the week and half my tools are in there.

Second is to get a speedometer working, and gauges into the hood now that the hood is hinged again, last year it was completely removable so I had a gauge cluster mounted specially for RPM, water temp, and EGT but now that can go and I will make something different. One side project with this is to fix the plastic by the clutches as the sled slipped off the lift awhile ago and bent the plastics and part of the frame up since I didn’t notice the issue for a week or two.

Third is to fix the heated handlebar grips, the one side was stuck on high which in -30 is fine but -5 not so much, so I need new grips which could end in me re doing the entire handlebar system to my final plan if money allow.

Fourth is to paint the tunnel black, yes I am going away from the aluminum colour like most sleds but I have a vision for my sled and black with green accents is it, to accomplish this I’ll also be adding a green light cover over the headlights. Also with painting the tunnel I can install the running board grips I have, as all the older sleds seem to have horrible grip and extra is needed. I would like to be able to cut off the existing running boards and install those fancy round tube ones but they are very pricey.

Fifth is to ensure the suspension brackets I made are still good and possibly make them took a little nicer. They ended up being a last minute project to get the sled going for winter when I installed the 151 skid. It worked out well but I want to make sure that there wont be issues, nothing visual has showed up but I would rather be able to pull it apart in +20 than break down at -20.

Now with the 5 projects I also want to make sure that the sled is clean, and anything I take apart is cleaned up as well, like the variable exhaust, which is quite oily by nature, but underneath the engine as well is de-greassed and cleaned up. Plus general maintenance like greasing all the joints and flushing the fuel system since I didn’t do that in the spring.

I have started on the steering system with the begining of pulling the engine, so far it has gone painfully and slowly, once I get frusterated I leave the shed otherwise I get less done that going for a beer, so far my biggest blunder was that I forgot to take off the recoil and pulled the oil pump when I should’ve left it. But once I have the proper tools home, meaning my holiday trailer, things will go much quicker, I spent 30min trying to find a pair of pliers to pull the water hoses to drain the coolant in the engine. Now its electrical connections and I think it will be 2 oil/air lines, but who knows what I could still have to pull off to get the engine out.

As I progress I will post my story of each project. Stay tuned for my sleds progress reports.


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