Saskatoon Island Vacation 2017

Once I got here it was very simple, I had the weekend booked in but didn’t have any reservations for the week but the lady at the desk was very nice in helping me with this. I was able to get in the same site I had for the weekend so I don’t have to pack up and move. I just have to go back Friday to get an updated slip for the weekend.

This time at the park there were a few rabbits around and I am guessing Boo hasn’t seen a rabbit before, at first she just stared at the one in my site and started following it at a distance for a bit. Not a big deal until one ran right in front of Benji making him get up and chase it and Boo ran right off after it, never seen Boo run before. She didn’t go far just to the road and to the next site, being a week day the site was empty so no harm done.

Now this year I have seemed to get a sweet tooth and like smores, i was having minimum one every night and some nights had 3 or 4. the only issue with smores is that the chocolate doesn’t melt as good as I want. What I found that helps is to put one graham cracker with chocolate on the top part of the fire pit so it warms up a bit. Any suggestions on how to melt the chocolate is welcome.

The rest of the week there was good, weather was quite nice. People started pulling in Thursday evening for the weekend, which was kind of strange to me but it was a nice weekend other than the wind so quite a few people must have decided that an extra evening was a good idea.

For some reason it seemed like nearly everyone had a dog with them and everyone seemed to be good, not a lot of barking and only a few that ran out to the road when we walked by, mostly just little dogs but Benji does not like that at all and barks and growls. Boo on the other hand will only bark it she feels threatened or does not like the dog, normally she will just sniff them but she weights 50 pounds and most of them weigh 5 so she could sit on them and be fine.

The trails this year seemed to have been expanded a little bit, mostly just them mowing another way to go off the main trails. They also added a few picnic tables and benches along the way so it makes for a very nice walk with plenty of stops for viewing the lake and birds around.

Now since it wasn’t a long weekend the parks people weren’t patrolling a lot but they were out every day doing at least one round but were mostly looking for late staying and registered campers. Which with a reservation only campground it could be some problems plus Alberta Parks seems to be doing more and more work around the campground so I expect more activity from the employees just due to more work being done.

So the last day my batteries ran out, I didn’t run the generator for 4 or 5 days just used my solar panels, and could’ve used the furnace that night for a bit but it wasn’t to bad. I was more worried keeping the fridge and the water pump going. In the morning the batteries we completly dead, but the solar panels were able to get the batteries up enough to get the fridge on and the water pump going again. Normally I would’ve ran the generator but since I was going to pack up anyways and head out I didn’t worry about it.

The last day was also the saddest, leaving the vacation and returning to reality that means laundry, cleaning the house, and going to work Monday morning. But until I find a way to be able to survive and travel across Canada I guess I’m stuck working for a living. But Canada Day long weekend is close so a camping trip isn’t that far away thankfully.


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