Coleman 40w Solar Panels

I got these on sale, basically a 2 for 1 deal, just to keep my battery charged up while camping. I only have one battery at the time on my trailer and the two panels kept the battery going except for one weekend where I had to use the furnace a lot due to cold rainy weather, luckily my parents had a generator with them that weekend that saved me. I was quite impressed with the two panels they are solidly built and the charge controllers were simply to hook up with the alligator clamps and the package came with an extension so I could move each panel to follow the sun. My power consumption is probably fairly low, run the fridge on propane, but you have the water pump, and lights, plus I have a small inverter to charge my cell, Ipod, and speakers for an average long weekend.

I would recommend these panels to anyone that likes to camp without power hookups, will keep your rig going for a long weekend, but would recommend a generator just in case weather causes more power consumption that anticipated. Last note is that I drained my batteries randomly, 5 days without power will do that I suppose, but had these plugged in in the morning and they did bring back enough to be able to use the water pump, turn the fridge back on and lights for short times so they do work quite well.

Coleman Solar Panels


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