Carson Pegasus Campground

So I got here early Saturday morning and it was for once a very nice drive with no wind. The signs were nicely marked and the only thing I didn’t like was the last hill before the turn off to the park, the turnoff was very short for some of the trailers that I’ve seen, the road wasn’t heavily used for traffic when i was on it so maybe its not a big issue but i could see an accident happening with someone coming up to fast behind someone, especially someone new to pulling a trailer or not sure where there going.

Checking in was simple, all I had to do was pull up and give my site number and they pulled everything up without paperwork on my end, worst part was having my window open with the evil mosquitoes that seemed to be rampant here right now. The check in place is also where you pick up firewood as they charge at Carson Pegasus unfortunately.

My site was very nice, I was in C69, I booked late so I wasn’t able to get into some of the other sites I wanted but this was still on my list of nice site. This park is basically dedicated to people who fish, there’s people that do day use fishing here quite regularly during the week. But even if you don’t fish it is a very nice campground. One thing that wasn’t mentioned online before I left was that there is a boil water advisory in place, now I always bring bottled water for me but normally use the park water for the dogs, coffee, and cooking but not this time and I was going through quite a bit of water with coffee and dogs using bottled water. I had to make a trip to town for anti mosquito supplies anyways at some point so I added water to the list.

This park is run by Alberta Parks and is quite large, almost 200 sites, and is quite well cared for on the sites and roads, the trail system could use some work with fallen tree’s but nothing major. Some of the sites are quite small and others have either a hill to go up or down so it is quite a different campground that what I am used to. Most of the sites that are near my have small paths between them for family’s or friends that are camping next to you and there are quite a few double sites if you want to camp right beside each other.

Now for the dogs, the mosquito’s tormented them quite a bit at the beginning but some anti mosquito stuff from petsmart helped quite a bit. Benji loves it here, hes getting 2-3 walks a day normally and Boo is getting 2 because she wont let me take Benji on a walk without her so the walks are normally slower than Benji would like and with more rests than normal but Boo try’s her hardest to keep up and I can normally get 20-30 min walk with her each time, it took some bit but I think she was more out of shape with sore muscles than old age. She is also getting extra bone and joint supplements for all the walking and it seems to help her as she still lays around when I’m not doing anything but once I move shes up to. Once again more muscle and bone conditioning than age issues.

So there has been two rain/cold days, with being inside more than outside, both days the generator ran quite a bit to keep everything charged up. With these days most of the time I spend it watching tv/movies on my laptop and napping, yup I’m a big go getter on wet cold days. The only other thing I’ll do is do a supply run for food, propane, ect for whatever I have run short of.

After this I will be going to Saskatoon Island due to a big part that last Friday we had an enormous amount of rain and all the rivers have risen quite a bit and have caused rushing water and a few small closures of other parks and recreation areas, along with a search and rescue for some people out canoeing on the wapiti river. Lakes have still risen quite a bit but if one of the dogs (Benji) gets out and decides to do swimming a lake wont wash them away.

When I left Carson Pegasus, all I had to do was dump my tanks and fill my fresh water tank. Dumping wasn’t a problem, sani dump was clearly marked at nicely laid out with side by side stations instead of in a line. The fresh water filling want there, it was by the shower buildings apparently so I figured I would just fill up at Saskatoon instead of doubling back. Which worked out well other than my trailer pulls much better with the tank full so the drive was a little slower.

Carson 2Carson - Benji1Carson - Boo 2


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