Vacation 2017 Campground #1 Picked

Well I have decided to start my vacation at Carson Pegasus Outside of Whitecourt, main reason for my choice is that the campground has lots of walking trails for me and Benji and that it is very tree’d to keep my privacy and when running the generator it wont disturb the neighbours. One of the other reasons is that I know Whitecourt has a lovely landscape around it with some rolling hills and all the tree’s and lakes. The biggest downfall I have with this park is that they charge for fire wood so I’m going to bring my propane pit and a few extra 20pound propane tanks from my bbq at home here but will buy some for a proper fire. But from what I can tell Alberta Parks is slowly going to paying for firewood everywhere which sucks but BC Parks has been doing that for years now so it doesn’t surprise me to much.

Unfortunately two of the loops are closed for construction and my first choice for sites was in one of the loops that are closed but still was able to reserve a nice site that has areas for Benji to explore plus he will get lots of walks and probably durring the week I can take both Boo and Benji to the lake and let Benji swim while me and Boo hang out on the shore. I don’t think the park people will argue if there’s no one else around, during the weekend I would be a lot more hesitant to do it with all the extra people and other dogs around.

The other benefits to Carson Pegasus is that there is a store on site that will have various products so I’m hoping if I will only have to go into Whitecourt once for gas and probably a salad of some-sorts and other food. Also there is showers and laundry onsite, I don’t think I would use the laundry but the showers are useful so I don’t have to use up my water and grey tank meaning more dumping which sucks having to pack up and move the trailer just to pull it right back.

I have this site booked for a little over a week so I will have another campground to pick the last few days but that will be a spur of the moment one where I’ll drive back towards home and pick from there, all the other three campgrounds are an option still for that but Young’s Point, Simmonet River, Pipestone River, Saskatoon Island, and a few other small ones off the highway are also being looked at. Or I might just stay there for the full two weeks.

Now with a week and a half left before I leave its time to get the trailer ready and loaded. Lets get ready for two weeks of camping happy times.


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