May Long Weekend 2017

Well going camping on May long weekend is normally camping in snow or rain, but this year it was beautiful, above 20 degrees (68 Fahrenheit) and sunny. I ended up going to Saskatoon Island campground in northern Alberta. Its a very nice park and its only 30min from where I live to very convenient for long weekends. I have been to this park multiple times and Alberta Parks website for reserving sites they have pictures and panoramic views of most of the sites so even if you haven’t been to the particular site or its the first time since last year or a brand new campground to you, you can have a look at the area your going to be staying in.

I pulled in Friday after work and got everything set up, solar panels, camp kitchen, chairs, awning, ect. It took about 30-45minuites once the trailer was levelled, which was simple as the site was level side to side, front to back was severely out though but that’s simple to fix with the jack. Now even before I start unhooking the trailer I pull out the tether for the dogs and find a good area for them to roam around, they have about 25’ of cable they can wander around in, and get there food and water out. Once the trailer is unhooked and the truck is out of the way I put the solar panels out to start charging the battery’s, this trip I used the furnace a little more and I only have the one battery so Monday morning I was out of power not a big deal since we were packing up anyways but its good to know I can do 2 days of camping without power. I also charged my phone twice, Ipod 3 times, and a Ipad once with my inverter so not a bad power span. Now the last thing I seem to always set up it the bbq and the kitchen area, Not sure why but it just seems like its the last.

Now this trip I had a few new things that I bought over the winter and spring and finally got to try them out. First thing was an outdoor mat, I found it at Costco in January after looking all summer for one and it helped a ton with dirt in the trailer from shoes and dogs, highly recommend this to everyone. Second was the camp kitchen, which worked great keeping the bbq off of the picnic table and with that I also got a quick connect propane hookup for it and it does work but the bbq has a regulator on it so the heat isnt controlled easily, I think its stuck on low but a new/different bbq or a grill would make it work good.

This trip was my first out with Boo so I was a little concerned about how she would do with it and I was pleasantly surprised that she isn’t bothered with any wildlife or people walking by unlike Benji who will bark at them. She also got tangled around some trees while I was setting up and just layed down till setup was done so after that I tried her out without being tethered to anything and she just layed around wherever she wanted and only left the site once after an RC car someone was playing with on the road. All in all a great camping trip for Boo and I am much more comfortable with a two week vacation with her now.puppys-camping.jpg

The downfall with Boo and Benji is they are both old dogs and Boo shows it but Benji doesn’t and always wants to go for a long walk where Boo just cant go for that long, shes about a 20min walk dog while Benji will go for hours if I was willing. So my plan is to take them both for a short walk during the day, normally morning with my morning coffee before it gets to hot out and put Boo in the trailer and take Benji for a longer walk on his own. I did try Boo on more shorter walks but I could tell it still was making her to sore so that wont work in the long run.

Now that the weekend is done and its two weeks before holidays, there’s a few things I need to address on my trailer before hand. First is adding a second battery, second is remounting my inverter, I never took into account putting the Velcro on a sticker that ripped off. Third and if I have time is to add some shelves in the wardrobe/pantry, there’s a large wardrobe area by the stove and a small one by the bunks that would be sufficient for my needs. But storage for food is lacking in this trailer. Lastly is to add a few things I seem to have forgotten to load, like bottled water, iced tea, pop, juice, ect. 

Really it was a great test and set up weekend to make sure I have everything for two weeks of holiday’s. Now its just doing a few minor tweaks, filling up the propane I used, and stocking up on food and beer and in two weeks hit the road.


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