Vacation 2017 The Begining

The planing stage’s of my vacation are a tricky one, where to go is the biggest question I have. Go Northern, Southern, or Central Alberta, to go in BC somewhere. So far this year it is either central or northern Alberta. It depends a lot on a few friends from college on if they are able to meet up for a bit I’ll be going central Alberta if not I’m looking northern Alberta.

Currently I’m looking at just provincial parks and have found a few for central Alberta first is Carson Pegasus park outside of Whitecourt that looks good or if I feel like more driving I’d go to a small park south of Edmonton called Big Knife Provincial Park. My choices for northern Alberta is a toss up between Heart River Dam which is free, Dunvegan, Moonshine Lake, and Musreau Lake parks.

My original plan from mid winter was to go southern Alberta to Dinosaur Provincial Park but unfortunately its already booked up for the time I’d be looking to go there. So that will have to be a later vacation plan.

With my vacation 3 weeks away I’m going to have to make a decision soon but I might mix it up if I go to Carson Pegasus of that one for a week or so and then go to Musreau Lake or another park in between. If Northern Alberta is where I’m going it will probably be Dunvegan and then Moonshine Lake but I do like the idea of Heart River Dam being free and backcountry camping sounds like a great time of being away from everything.

The main thing I look for in a campground is private sites with trees, or shrubs around to prevent noise from other sites finding mine or vise versa. I like open sites so my dogs can wander around and enjoy themselves, Benji gets a good walk around once I’m set up so he can sniff everything out so he can be sure its safe, Boo on the other hand just follows me around and likes to be near me but still sniffs around. Lastly if I can work it out, very little phone service. When I went to Mexico a few years ago one of the best things was my phone was locked in the safe all day just checked a few times a day. I like that during camping as well.

If anyone has any suggestions on campgrounds in central or northern Alberta please let comment bellow and I will take a look at them.


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