Champion 1500w Generator

I got this generator after using my parents in a bit of an emergency situation but it works great. The Champion 1500watt Generator is a small generator, only 1500 watts peak power 1200 running, but it will keep the battery charged no problem with about an hour or so of run time if the battery is really low. But this wont run an AC unit, for that you will need at least a 3000 watt unit. The unit is fairly quiet and fuel efficient, it holds about 10 liters of gas and will run for about 6-8 hours mid power. Big thing on this generator is that it only as 110v, standard household 15amp plug, outlet so you will probably need an adapter for your trailer if its a 30amp or 50amp power cord. All in all this is a decent generator for the price but don’t expect to to produce more power than realistic, it’ll charge up batteries on trailers, phones, Ipod’s, and other electronics and probably run the RV fridge. But much more than that and I don’t know how it would hold up.

Champion Generator


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