Picking a Travel Trailer

When I first started looking at trailers last year it took awhile to find one that i liked and didn’t have water damage, I was amazed at how many people took water damage so lightly and still wanted full price for a trailer that needed to have some major work done. It got to a point where i was going to buy one from a dealer and have to take a loan out on it, which i really didn’t want to do. In the end i found one though a co worker who’s parents were selling there’s to upgrade.

This worked great as my only want was a trailer and I didn’t really know what i wanted. The one I got was a 22’ Sports Master. It has a bunk in the back, dinette that can be a bed, and the front had a couch that folds out into a bed. The trailer had no slides either so it was quite compact which is all I thought I wanted at the time. I found a rough floor plan on Sports Masters website for reference. Floor plan

After a year of using that one I came to the conclusion that with the 2 week vacation that you always end up with a few days of rain or not nice weather and this one was a little snug with a dog and me. Now that I have a second dog I’m thinking it’s going to be even tighter. Even the one from the dealer I was looking at wouldn’t have been my choice now so my advice to new RV’er’s is to buy used for a year and then make a choice of what you want.

The floor plans I’m looking at now are about 25’ long with a rear living space that is two reclining chairs and a U shaped dinette with the possibility of a couch on a slide and the front is a queen sized bed. The one I found online was a Keystone Hideout that was used on a RV lot near my area.


The only problem is the price i still don’t want to take a loan out for a trailer so this is on hold until I have enough saved up. So until then I’ll just keep this one which isn’t a bad trailer plus another year or backing up a used one with a steel bumper isn’t all bad when there’s tight area’s and I’m not the most experienced with backing up a trailer without a spotter. Once I get the savings and student loans paid off maybe this is a possibility but until then my sports master works fine and maybe by the time I’m ready to buy there will be something else that catches my eye for a floor plan or layout.


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