Setting up the trailer take two

Unfortunately my plans have not worked out from what my brain thought would work and reality, damn reality. The storage box I wanted to build wont work for what I wanted it to. I could only make it 3′ wide, 2′ deep and 2′ high before it would look funny. I am still working on other options but so far they run into the same reality not working with me.

So for the time being I have the old little black tool box mounted beside the generator to keep a few things in, like a jack, propane hoses, and the dogs tethers. I still want enough storage to keep the fire pit, bbq, and chair in but will need to revamp the whole area to maybe make it work. Plans are in the works of if its practical or not.

Aside for my storage reality being a problem the trailer is ready to go camping any time now, sanitized and flushed the water system, sanitized the separate drinking water bottle, have all the dog stuff in, got the fridge washed and cooling and ready to load tomorrow night I figure, and bedding is all in ready to go. Just need to load food and beer, and I have the food in my freezer here just need to pick up hot dog and hamburger buns and the beer and maybe a salad.

Depending on the weather I may do a weekend trip this weekend but if not next weekend for May Long and hopefully everything goes good as I only have one weekend after that before I have my holidays and going for 2 weeks of camping that I still don’t know where I’m headed, probably gonna flip a coin for northern Alberta, Southern Alberta, or northern BC. Any suggestions on parks I should visit please let me know.

After each trip I will post about my adventures and anything I change on my trailer. As always if anyone has any questions please let me know and I’ll answer you as soon as possible. Happy Travels



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