Setting up the trailer for a summer of fun

With the weather finally turning nice, and a Sunday free I decided to start doing some work on my holiday trailer. First few things I have started was getting the wiring hooked up pertinently for the solar panels and the inverter. Second was to start they layout for the back with a generator and tool box mounted directly to the trailer.

The wiring for the solar panels and inverter are a very simple project. Both things came with clamps to go right onto the battery but with two 40watt solar panels and a 300 watt inverter I never had enough room on the battery for all the clamps. I decided to simplify the hook ups by using some electrical connectors and leave the connectors for the charge controllers and the quick connect to the inverter pertinently attached. The biggest issue was that the inverter wire was about 2’ long and I needed to keep it that length, I ended up zip tieing the wires to the existing trailer battery wires with a plastic cover on around it to help prevent road ware. The end of the wire is exposed but there is a little area I was able to tuck it into that should keep it clean during travel days. For the solar hook ups, I combined both wires into one connector for when I get a second battery i can extend the lines much easier this way. Fun note on the battery I have is that the positive terminal is 3/8” while the negative terminal is 5/16” so you have to be careful on which connectors to use if you try to do this.


The back storage area was a little bit more of a challenge, with needing to get the generator on and a storage box as big as possible plus the pesky spare tire in the way all within 8’ wide. The Generator needs 2’ of the box and the tire is 3’ish so leaving 3’ for storage, not really as much room as I hoped for.

The generator is going to be simple to mount just using some heavy duty U Bolts to secure it down, but I still want to get a cover for it before its mounted to prevent excessive exposure to the elements.


The box I wanted to build was supposed to hold my bbq, reclining chair, axe, propane fire pit, jack, propane hoses, and the RV matt. Plus I was hoping to be able to keep a small jerrycan and oil in there. Now I realize that not everything is going to be able to fit in there but if i build is 3’ wide 3’ deep and 3’ high i should be able to get the chair, bbq, propane hose, axe. But the rest I don’t think will fit in properly so I might revamp the organization of the trailer as well. Currently the chair and the propane fire pit ride in the trailer or back of the truck. I have the rest in storage compartments and a small tool box currently mounted to the back.

Hopefully throughout this week I can get everything sorted out and start mounting the generator and start building/planing the box(I will attach sketches and drawings as I go). If you have any questions or comments on this project or ideas to make this even better please let me know.


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