Spring Time with Dogs

Now that spring is here and the snow has melted everything is wet. Now I mean soaking wet, no mater where I take Benji and Boo they just get soaked and dirty. So I have had to bath them more than I care to remember lately and vacuum my entire house way to often.

The better part of spring is that its enjoyable to walk and we can go to the park and Benji will play fetch while Boo just sits by me and enjoys being outside. Downside of the extra walks is everyone is leaving there dogs outside and Benji has to assert himself barking and going right up to the fence to argue with the other dogs, if anyone has any idea to prevent this would be greatly appreciated. But walking two dogs when one goes one way and the other another way can be very interesting at times, especially if there are lots of other people around.

Now that I have gotten used to walking both dogs at the same time it does help but it can still be challenging to keep them both under control. One thing I have found is that since Benji is such a high energy dog is to take him for a walk before I take both of them, it also helps keep Benji more warn out at the end of it.

Last thing I would like to point out is that with two dogs more outside time is always better for everyone, dog and people combined, but you have to keep the dogs within a bit of limits for bathroom breaks otherwise they can decide 2 am is now the time to go outside which is a horrible thing if you enjoy your sleep. Unfortunately Camping does break that rule but last year Benji was great about it and I am hoping Boo will be just as good.

Please post any comments or questions bellow. Also I will be able to pull my trailer home this weekend so keep looking for the next post on its upgrades.


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