Start of Easter Weekend in Northern Alberta 2017

So living in northern Alberta the weather has always been hit or miss but this is new. So far its been from Thursday morning to Friday evening of heavy wet snow constantly. And its supposed to continue into Saturday. Sunday is supposed to be sunny but Monday and Tuesday are snow again. What the hell!!!!! i was looking forward to camping season and getting my trailer home to do some work to it.

Benji and Boo also aren’t enjoying this cus there stuck inside and cant go for long walks or adventures. So far for Easter long weekend its been inside being lazy with them, Boo I think is enjoying the rest but I can tell Benji wants to spend more outside time but wont cus of the wet snow that makes it really cold. Also the wind here, it just chills you right to the bone. So far today all i have done was laundry dishes and watching a lot of star wars. Very lazy day which is nice but I feel bad for not really doing anything but there’s still two more days for adulting


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