Camping List for Dogs

Just a simple list for items I take while camping.

-Leash for walking

-Cable to tie up, you never know how far the dog might wander if not restrained, both mine stay close to my parents acreage but Benji would wander if he seen another animal.

-Water and food bowls. I have a set that just live in my trailer.

-Food, just there normal food is all I bring. They do get extra people food, sometimes cus I’m reading and Benji is quick and steals it out of my hand.

-Beds, I have one that’s an outdoor one and an old Costco one for inside.

-Treats, whatever they like plus some longer lasting bones is always a good idea

-Toys, now this can be tricky, Boo doesn’t really care for toys and Benji love fetch but will bark if you don’t throw the ball so that doesn’t come out at the campsite. So the toys that Benji gets is sticks and that’s just whatever i find or he finds.

-Dog Poop Bags. I cant stress this one enough, nothing is more annoying than getting to a new site and someone didn’t clean up after there dog or even there garbage.

-Dog Pack, I have a ruffware backpack thing for Benji for longer walks. It holds two things of water that roughly holds a litre of water.

-Tick Repellent, I normally get this from the Vet, I know they have a proper term for it but I don’t know it. It also helps keep other bugs away.

-Last is depending on your dog, the retractable stairs into your RV. Some dogs don’t like them, I don’t know why but I think it is something to do with the metal on there paws. So far Benji is fine with it unless its raining but then I’ll just pick him up and put him inside. Boo on the other hand I am guessing is going to have an issue, she doesn’t do great on my stairs at home. I have been told that attaching a carpet to them helps. But my plan is to build a ramp out of wood I’ll probably make it so it will work for Boo to get in my truck as well so I don’t have to pick her up all the time.

As my trips continue i will add to the list so check back from time to time for updates.

Please comment if you thing I left anything out or if you have any questions about camping with dogs.


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