Begining of the Cat

When I first bought my mountain cat it was a tunnel and boxes of parts and electrical. Now I have never rebuilt an engine before but I knew I could if I put my mind to it. The main reason I went for this was the price, the engine was an larger than my current sled, and the track was a 151″.

Before I have a 2000 Polaris 600 on a 136″ track I was looking at doing an tunnel extension on and was going to have to rebuild the engine as well. I seen this on Kijiji for dirt cheap and bought it, thinking sell the polaris and rebuild the cat.

It started with me cleaning the old tunnel up, I went through a lot of degreaser and soap cleaning just the tunnel. Then came the engine rebuild. That was a challenge.

Once I had the sled at home in my shed and parts kinda sorted, I started sourcing parts. First unfortunately was the crankshaft, the bearings were shot so I had to get a rebuilt done. Putting it all together was fairly straight forward, I got a manual online and had it printed and binded to keep in the shed. I did end up ordering a few wrong parts which caused a lot of confusion on my part but google did help me a lot on it. I have premium gaskets and pistons installed now so that I should be able to race it and not have any issues.

Next was to figure out the electrical, now since the sled was already modified it was finding the main wires to hook them up and sort out the rest later. The sled had a carbon fiber hood that was completely removable so all the headlights and gauge wires were not hooked up and in some cases cut and spliced. That was possibly the most challenging thing I have done so far on my sled. There was a lot of staring at wiring diagrams and tracing it out. Needless to say I did learn a lot about wiring and how to read diagrams. I did get it all hooked up and running.

Once all that was done it was time to button up the sled for the season so I could tryout the sled for the season. That was fairly simple just putting all the covers back in place and putting the new ski’s on.

Future goals on my sled for mechanical is to get a egt gauge added and try and lighten up the sled. Mostly what I would like to do is just cosmetic stuff now, and I don’t even know all what I want to do there other than having it all black. But will keep everyone posted.


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