Storage Box on the back of the trailer Planing Stages

Last summer I discovered that my trailer lacks storage but had a 3′ platform welded on by the previous owner for his motorbike. I thought I would build a nice storage box to hold my bbq, fire pit, hopefully my chair and a other small items that I want to keep handy. My plan is fairly simple. Take the platform and mount my generator, a small jerry can and the storage box on the back.

The generator is going to be permanently mounted on there with U Bolts that will be locktighted on to prevent anything coming loose. It will be on the driver side of the trailer same side as the power cord. I’m not sure how that will work with the exhaust, outlets, fuel and oil tanks but it will be easy once my I have everything at home

The jerry can storage will just be a box on the other side of the trailer so the box is centered and the lights won’t be covered at all. My plan is that the box will just fit the jerry can and have a bunji cord or ratchet strap to keep it secure.

The box itself will be fairly simple, just a plywood box screwed and glued together and painted black or white, whatever paint I have handy. I will probably make some shelves on one side to hold the bbq and hopefully a grill if I get one. Plus some storage hooks for propane hoses and hot dog sticks.

I will have the trailer back at my place easter weekend and will probably start that weekend or the weekend after for this project. Ill also be stocking the trailer with all the stuff I took out in fall to winterize it. I will keep everyone posted on the status of this project and probably do a little tour of the trailer. If anyone has any suggestions on this project please comment below, I am open to other ideas as I have never done this before so I’m just guessing on what to do.


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