Camping Supplies

Here’s the item I believe are required for a nice camping trip. Please comment bellow if you thing I’ve missed anything as I will probably be updating this one semi regularly.

Stuff I normally keep in my trailer

Paper for starting a fire, I don’t throw any flyers away just throw them in a box and put them in the trailer

Solar panels. I have two 40 watt panels I got from Canadian Tire, they will normally keep the battery charged for a long weekend no problem. Id like to get more panels but there very expensive for the use of them here in northern Canada.

Power Inverter. I have a little 200 watt inverter to charge up my phone, iPod, and speakers as needed when I’m just running off of solar power

Generator. I don’t normally use power hook ups at campgrounds so I bought a small 1500 Champion generator to keep my batteries charged up and to charge whatever else I need. I normally try and charge all my electronics while the generator is running rather than drain the batteries.

Lantern. I have two Costco battery powered lanterns to provide extra light for late nights, the exterior light isn’t the greatest.

BBQ. I have a small grill that just lives in my trailer

Extra Chairs

Propane Fire Pit. For those times when the campground is out of wood or charges to much

Propane quick connect hoses. Your trailer has to have an outlet for one, it looks like just an air hose connection, luckily my trailer came with one.

Paper Plates, cutlery, and glasses. Nice to have in case you don’t want to have to do dishes

Hot Dog Sticks

Water Bottle, I have a 5 Gallon tank with a pump for fresh water. Most parks I go to have fresh water available. I still always have some regular bottled water as well just in case

2×6 leveling blocks and wheel chocks. Only used the leveling blocks a few times but always use the wheel chocks, forgot once and had the trailer roll into my bumper.

Broom. I don’t have any carpet in my trailer so a brook works great

Outdoor matt, it’s nice to help keep the dirt out of the trailer and a nice place to sit under the awning if the site is rocky or a little muddy.

Freshwater hose

Sewer dumping hose. I haven’t stayed at a park that has sewer hookup at each site so I haven’t bought the snake kits to give it a nice slope but it might happen someday.

General Tools, screwdrivers, hammer, a small socket set, and a automotive jack.

Leatherman, this is something that will go in and out of my trailer as I use it for everyday life.

Kitchen Supplies just to name a few

Coffee Pot – a Percolator kind

Burger Flipper

BBQ Tongs

Cups, plates, bowls, knife’s, forks, spoons ect for general eating

Frying pan

2 different sized pots

Cast Iron Griddle

Toilet Paper, Paper Towel and other household supplies. I move them into the trailer in the spring and leave them until I put the trailer away for winter.

General stuff that goes in and out of the trailer

Speakers and iPod

Lounge chair

Whatever Book or Series I’m reading

Food normally hot dogs, Smokies, and hamburgers for weekends, but chicken and steak for actual holidays plus whatever salad seems good at the time for lunch and suppers. I will also normally keep eggs, bacon, sausage and some fruit for breakfast

Drinks, I have juice, ice tea, coffee, and water for regular drinking and beer and rye for adult beverages

For Longer trips I bring my laptop in case of rainy weather where I’m inside for a bit to watch movies.

Dog supplies, food, leaches, ect

These lists and this post is probably going to be continuously updated so If you have anything you think should be added comment bellow and I will put it in. Thanks for reading and happy camping


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