Camping Checklist

I thought with camping season right around the corner an article about preparing for camping would be a good idea. My camping list before a trip out weather it be a weekend, a random week of camping, or a full vacation. This list is probably redundant to people who have done lots of camping but would be a great starting point for new campers. Also if there’s anything you think should be noted comment below.

First is check the propane levels, if one tank is low take it get it filled. I always use one tank at a time instead of both tanks to prevent being out camping and run out of propane, its never good if you run out. I dry camp a lot so no hookups for power so the fridge, stove, bbq and furnace need propane. Its makes for a very uncomfortable trip without propane.

Second is to start the fridge in the trailer a few days prior to the trip to make sure it’s cold when you load up your food. I normally start running it with 120v power from my house to make sure the battery is fully charged as well

Third depends on what you do for hook ups but I use a generator to charge the batteries so make sure that it is topped up of gas and oil and make sure the fuel is turned off while driving. I have a small champion generator that just has a simple fuel on/off switch. I also carry with me a small jerry can of gas incase I use more than one tank, not likely on a weekend but you never know.

Fourth is if you have dogs, in the spring I buy a bulk thing of dog poop bags and just leave it in the trailer all summer so I don’t forget them. I also carry milk bone treats and other hard treats that warm weather doesn’t affect left in the trailer in bags until there low or empty. Lastly I keep my dogs food in a container in the house so I just transfer that to the trailer for camping. I will probably do a full long post about all the stuff I bring for my dogs and just generally camping with dogs.

Fifth is just routine maintenance for the trailer. Check tires, locks on doors and storage compartments. Last fall I had a lock come lose once I was at a campground for the weekend and of course I forgot my keys at home for the trailer and had to nearly break the lock off to get to my grill, so this can be very problematic if not checked. The roof it one other thing to check to make sure there’s no leaks or potential for leaks starting.

Sixth and last is to make sure you have all the stuff you want or think you’ll want for your trip, reclining chairs, books, magazines, music, bikes, food, ect ready to go and for electronics fully charged or extra batteries. Nothing is worse than getting out late Friday night and not having something, for me its music and books, I have my iPod and a Bluetooth speak that’s good for 40 hours for music and real books for camping mostly, I normally leave my kobo at home.

This list doesn’t include stuff that I don’t take out of my trailer like the BBQ, propane fire pit, ax, hot dog sticks ect, for that list ill make another post.

Thanks for reading and if you have anything that you think should be on this list or comments on my list post it bellow. Happy camping


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